Her name is Osarugue Egbon also known as UG Frank as her artist name. She is a gospel artist born on the 28th May 1987 in Benin City, Nigeria as first child on the family of 2 children. Relocated to Italy at the age of 13 where she studied and lived until she completed my master’s degree in Banking and Finance (Risk Management). Then moved to London where she started working as a compliance analyst. UG Frank gave her life to Christ in the year 2013 and joined the choir at my local church called St Joseph chosen church of God International, and she was the main lead singer.

The 4th of November 2019, UG Frank published her first Album called Surrounded made of 5 tracks. 1. Surrounded, 2. Shekinnah Glory, 3. Lost in Your Love, 4. You Are Alfa and Omega, 5. Baba You Too Much. This became a reality after she received an encounter with the lord asking me to start by publishing her songs on YouTube. UG Frank’s goal is to minister and transform the life of men. 

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